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Folk tune Name District Place
NORTH OF THE MOUNTAINSHeddi, KnutAust-Agder/SetesdalHylestad
HE WHO ROSE FROM THE GRAVEHamre, EivindAust-Agder/SetesdalBygland
NORTH OF THE MOUNTAINSLiestøl, TomasAust-Agder/SetesdalOse
NORTH OF THE MOUNTAINSKlonteig, HalvorTelemarkTinn
NORTH OF THE MOUNTAINSRysstad, HalvorAust-Agder/SetesdalHylestad
NORTH OF THE MOUNTAINSFurholt, OttoAust-AgderVegusdal
NORTH OF THE MOUNTAINSAustegard, GunnarAust-Agder/SetesdalHornnes
SLACKHeddi, KnutAust-Agder/SetesdalHylestad
GANGARBjørgum, TorleivAust-Agder/SetesdalHylestad
GORROLAUSHeddi, KnutAust-Agder/SetesdalHylestad