Type: Halling 6/8
Person: Truls Ørpen
WORK Hardingfeleslåtter
Volume: 1
No: 114a
Page: 235
From the same family:
With the same tuning
Vanlig stille (2417)

Vanlig stille
Ø.346. Written down 1953 after an NRK recording. Bjørgum had learnt this slått from Halvar S. Rysstad of Hylestad, Setesdal. 114a-f are variants. This slått has several names. In Krødsherad it is called the "Håvardsgangar", probably from Håvard Gibøen, and in Telemark "Steinar Åse". See R. Berge, Håvard Gibøen, Skien 1932, p. 28. Myllarguten is said to have composed this slått. Signe Skuldal, of Selj ord, was forced to marry the worthless son of a neighbouring family, Steinar Åse. She drowned herself in The Skuldal Lake. Cf. B.s. Ymis trad., p. 315a (after Torkjell Haugerud). Several versions of this legend exist, see Johs. Skar: Gamalt or Sætesdal V, (Christiania 1911, p. 136; M. B. Landstad: Ættesagaer, Christiania 1924, p. 113; Syn og Segn, Christiania 1904, pp. 326-327; S. Bugge and R. Berge: Norske eventyr og sagn, Christiania 1909, pp. 25-27; R. Berge: Norsk sogukunst 1924, p. 12; Norsk Folkekultur 1934, p. 42: Several versions of the stev, too, exist, cf. B.s. Spelmenn, Telemark, p. 54 (after A. J. Brekke). Ibid, p. 147 (after Sigurd Torgeirson). R. Berge: Norsk Visefugg, Christiania 1904, p. 177. Johs. Skar: Gamalt or Sætesdal, V, Christiania 1911, p. 136. Skar's version is as follows: A braw man was Steinar, As canny as a fox. Ah, why laid he that trollop, And stole that tobacco-box! This was the song Signe Skuldal is said to have sung before she threw herself into the lake. Myllarguten made up this verse, and after completing the text he continued trolling and humming until the whole slått was completed. This slått is also printed in: Halv. No 13. O. Frøysa: Kjende slåttar av Eivind Aakhus, Oslo 1929, No 6; T. Torgeirson, Møllarguttens slåtter, Oslo 1924, No 3.

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