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laid down by Royal Decree of 10 March 1989 pursuant to Act No. 93 of 18 December 1987, amended by Royal Decree of 28 February 1992.


1. It is prohibited to export heavy water from a Norwegian customs area. It is also prohibited for persons resident in Norway and Norwegian companies, foundations and associations to engage in trade, negotiations or other assistance in connection with the sale of heavy water from one foreign country to another. By heavy water is meant deuterium oxide and deuterium gas in which the ratio of deuterium to hydrogen is greater than 1:5000.


2. The Ministry of Foreign Affairs may, however, grant an export licence when it is convinced that the order is to be used exclusively for research for peaceful purposes, for medical or other pharmaceutical purposes, or in connection with international cooperation in which Norway is involved.


3. An export licence in accordance with section 2 may be granted for orders in which the deuterium contents exceeds 10 kg. only on production of a valid import certificate from the authorities of the receiving country and/or an officially certified end-user statement concerning the use and a declaration to the effect that re-export will not take place without the consent of the Norwegian authorities.


As regards orders in which the deuterium content does not exceed 10 kg., an end-user statement from the recipient concerning the use to which the order will be put may be accepted instead.


4 Otherwise the general conditions concerning licensing and the other provisions of the Regulations of 10 January 1989 relating to the Implementation of Control of the Export of Strategic Goods, Services and Technology, laid down by the Ministry of Foreign Affairs, shall apply.


5. These regulations enter into force immediately.