Act no. 23 of 29 May 1987 relating to Remuneration for Lending by Public Libraries

Cf. Article 4 of the EEA Agreement. Cf. in previous Acts § 12 of Act no. 12 of 12 December 1947,
§ 18 of Act no. 80 of 18 June 1971, and § 15 of Act no. 108 of 20 December 1985.

§ 1. Remuneration for lending etc.

Authors of works disposed of for lending by public libraries shall receive remuneration through annual Fiscal Budget appropriations. The remuneration shall be paid collectively, and paid into funds as mentioned in § 4 for the support of certain groups of authors.(1)

(1) See § 1 of Act no. 2 of 12 May 1961.

§ 2. Calculation of remuneration

Remuneration shall be calculated according to a fixed rate per lending unit.

Where books are concerned, the lending unit is one volume. The Ministry(1) may decide what shall otherwise be reckoned lending units. The basis for calculating the number of lending units is works published in Norway and available for lending at public libraries. The Ministry(1) may decide which libraries, collections etc. to include in the calculation.

The calculations shall be based on statistics showing the numbers of lending units available for lending at each individual library, and on the types of work(2) they comprise.

(1) The Ministry of Culture.

(2) See § 1 of Act no. 2 of 12 May 1961.

§ 3. Fixing of the rate of remuneration

The rate of remuneration (cf. the first paragraph of § 2 of the present Act) shall be fixed following negotiations with a joint body which has been recognised by the Ministry(1) and consists of organizations which represent a substantial proportion of Norwegian authors in the area in question.

If no agreement is reached on the rate of remuneration, either party may request arbitration according to more detailed rules laid down by the Ministry.(1)

(1) The Ministry of Culture.

§ 4.(1) Distribution to funds

The remuneration shall be distributed to funds managed by the authors' organizations in question. The statutes of the funds must be approved by the Ministry.(2)

The assets of the funds may be disposed of for the benefit of authors or for the benefit of objectives relating to the group of authors in question. In connection with payments to individual authors, no regard shall be had to membership of organizations. An annual amount paid to an individual author shall not exceed four times the National Insurance basic amount.(3)

The Ministry may issue more detailed rules relating to the distribution of remuneration and the use of the funds.

(1) Amended by Act no. 128 of 4 December 1992.

(2) The Ministry of Culture.

(3) See § 6-2 of the National Insurance Act and the note thereto.

§ 5. Entry into force

The present Act shall enter into force immediately - - -

From the same date, the following...are repealed - - -