LaTeX word count: script and web service

TeXcount example Click for example!

TeXcount now runs on the secure HTTPS protocol. You should notice no difference, but the communication is now secured by encryption and server certification.

What it is: TeXcount is a Perl script for counting words in LaTeX documents. It parses valid LaTeX documents counting words, headers, formulae (mathematics) and floats/begin-end groups.

How to run it: To run the script, you can either download it and run it on your own computer, or you can use the web interface.

TeXcount is included in the CTAN TeX/LaTeX archive, and thus included in several TeX distributions. If you have TeX installed, chances are you may already have TeXcount.

How to stay updated: If you wish to be kept updated on changes and latest features, you can subscribe to the TeXcount RSS news feed.

Questions and Answers: There is a Frequently Asked Questions page which may already answer your question. Alternatively, you can post your question on the StackExchange TeX questions board with the texcount tag which I will normally follow, or email me directly.

Last modified December 31, 2018.