Supporting scripts, applications and utilities

There are a few supporting scripts and utilities not included in the distribution: some made by me, some by others, and some I have found on various web sites and fora.

Add TeXcount call to Emacs
The FAQ contains the instructions on how to get Emacs to call TeXcount on the active buffer and return the word count. Based on an Emacs script by solution by Nicholas Riley, I have made three alternative versions:
Recommended version suitable for TeXcount 2.3 and higher: view or download
Version suitable for TeXcount 2.2: view or download
Simple version suitable for older TeXcount versions: view or download
AUCTeX: Add TeXcount to the Command menu with output to new buffer: view or download
Run TeXcount and open results in web browser
The FAQ explains the basics of how to use TeXcount with html output to web browser. This may need some adaptation: e.g. adjust the command or path for executing TeXcount.
Windows batch script texcount.bat: view or download
For Unix/Linux (and Mac?)
For Mac
Macros integrating TeXcount with TeXshop
Ramón M. Figueroa-Centeno has made and maintains these macros for integrating TeXcount with TeXshop (LaTeX editor used on the OS X platform).
GUI for TeXcount for Mac
Madhusudhan Venkadesan has sent me a small GUI to use on Macs. This presently contains version 2.2 of TeXcount.

To be expanded...

Last modified December 31, 2018.